5 Bizzare Cannibalism Reports in 20th Century

Dogs are undoubtedly one of the most loyal pets to mankind. However, there are tales of starving dogs living alone without food because their masters are away. And, there are tales of them attacking and devouring their masters when they get back. If dogs can do it, why can’t humans?

As shocking, disgusting, and nauseating it may sound, cannibalism is more common than you think. You cannot imagine eating the flesh of another human like you. However, there are quite a few who can and not just for survival purpose but for pleasure as well.

The 20th century has quite a number of such cannibalism stories with the insane going insane. Here are 5 bizarre cannibalism reports in the 20th century.

The Milwaukee Cannibal

The Milwaukee Cannibal
The Milwaukee Cannibal – photo by curt borgwardt

You have no idea what acts one single human is capable of unless you have heard about the tales of Jeffrey Dahmer. This one-man killed 17 men and also ate a number of their fleshes. Apparently, Dahmer was gay and he used to find pleasure in molesting other men, raping them and later on, in killing and eating them.

The fact that Dahmer might turn into a psychopath was quite evident from his childhood. In fact, he was obsessed with death and even collected dead animal stuff. He realized that he was into being controlling men in high school and also became an alcoholic and more.

His first victim was an eighteen-year-old hitchhiker who was going to a concert when Dahmer picked him up. Then, he took him home, made him drunk and then when he was about to leave, hit him with a 10-pound dumbell and strangled him to death. While he did not do anything cannibalistic, this was the start to the horrifying thing he would do later in his life.

He was even in the US military where he drugged and raped two soldiers as well. Sexual harassment and raping were common activities for him. From young boys to older men, he let no one go. The molestations, rapes and the murders led him to preserve body parts in his freezer.

And, slowly he began eating them as well. The most tragic part of his story is that one little boy could be saved from him if only the policemen were a bit more careful. Apparently, two women reported seeing a drunk boy with a bleeding butt.

The police came to check and the boy was with Dahmer. Then, Dahmer told the policemen that they were partners and the boy was just a bit drunk. Although the two women protested, the policemen did not pay heed and left the boy in Dahmer’s care.

Konerak Sinthasomphone (the 14-year-old boy) was later found dead. Dahmer was finally captured after his 17 murders and he died a weird death. Apparently, one of his inmates beat him to death with a metal bar and he did not even protest.

Richard Chase – The Vampire of Sacramento

Richard Chase Serial Killer
Richard Chase Serial Killer – photo from youtube

If movies and series like Twilight and The Vampire Diaries make you feel romantic then it is time you got a real dose of what an actual vampire might be like. Richard Chase was another psychopath whose abnormality was quite evident from his very childhood. From his childhood, he would have absurd thoughts like someone had stolen his pulmonary artery or his heart stops beating at times.

Apart from that, he also killed various animals and ate them raw because he thought it would stop his heart from shrinking. As you can imagine he was later on diagnosed with schizophrenia. He got into a mental institution after injecting rabbit blood into his bloodstream.

But, that did not stop him. Even in the mental institution he caught birds through the window and used their blood. Afterward, when he was released he murdered six people, engaged in necrophilia and also drank their blood and consumed their organs.

He, later on, committed suicide in prison. It is evident that Chase was a maniac from his very childhood but the use of various drugs and alcohol really made him inhuman.

Nikolai Dzhumagaliev – Metal Fang

Nikolai Dzhumagaliev - Metal Fang
Nikolai Dzhumagaliev – Metal Fang – photo from youtube

If you want to know of a real-life yet more horrifying story like that of “Prison Break”, then the inhuman genius to look for would be Nikolai. Nikolai resided in the Soviet Union and had more than ten victims of his own. Apparently, he did not exactly plan his first murder, where he randomly killed a peasant woman walking on the road.

He killed her and then took her body parts to his home to eat. The most nauseating part fo this incident is how he, later on, described how he cooked the meat and the difficulties he faced. Later on, he killed more people and the police eventually captured him. 

However, the police could not find him for years after he escaped jail in a car. They assume that he killed many more during this time until he himself committed a theft to get caught.

This monstrous human is actually still alive and is residing in a village under close observation. While doctors claim that he is now better but psychologists still do not consider him safe.

The Kuru Epidemic

Kuru Epidemic
Kuru Epidemic – shuttershock

The Fore people belong to a certain region in the New Papua Guinea and used to carry out weird rituals that some may find interesting while others are horrifying. If you thought that a darker secret world would be fun then this is the story you should know about. Apparently, the Fore people used to eat their dead relatives with the belief that this act will make their afterlives better.

However, things went terribly wrong when this act actually turned their present lives to hell. Apparently, one person among the dead had a brain infected with the rare disease called Kuru. The symptoms of this disease include tremor, loss of memory, coordination, etc.

So, when women and children ate the brain, the disease spread and it continued for decades among the Fore people. However, it has ended now as they have stopped cannibalism.

Wars and Famines

Famine – shutterstock

Wars are always terrible. Not just because it kills people but also because of the state it puts people in. Throughout the 20th century, there have been many wars and many of them ran out of supplies for the soldiers.

In such cases, soldiers often took out selected prisoners, killed then and had a feast with their meat. Such cannibalism was evident in among Japanese, Russian and other soldiers.

Apart from that, during the great famines like the Russian Famine, people resorted to eating other people, including their relatives, family, and children. Even announcements and notices like “Good men do not eat their own children” were sent out during this time.

Yes, the condition was that horrible.

In Conclusion.

The world is full of bizarre stories but nothing is as inhuman as a man eating another man. When it comes to survival, eating the dead can somewhat be accepted, however, the serial killers who are just maniacs really make you sick, don’t they? It’s not just what they do, it’s also how they do it and why they do it.

The worst part is that most serial killers do not consider themselves wrong. So, these were the 5 Bizzare Cannibalism Reports in the 20th Century.


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