Meet the World’s Fastest Plane – SR-71 Blackbird

Worlds Fastest Plane

So what is the Worlds Fastest Aircraft?

We have all tried our wings in our dreams. But the speed at which the fastest-winged vehicles fly, is stuff straight out of our dreams. Over the past century, we have seen man make the fly on vehicles that our ancestors could not have worked up in their dreams. Adding more to the thrill is the sheer velocity at which some of these planes move. Fighter planes are the leaders in the race as they are not just unusually quick, but are also devilishly devastating. Leading the race is the US Air Force Blackbird!

How fast is the Blackbird?

Would you believe us if we say the Blackbird is faster than your dreams? Well, it probably is. As a matter of stark fact, the Blackbird is faster than the speed at which a bullet leaves the barrel of a gun. Precisely, a bullet travels at the speed of 3,000ft per second that is almost 1km per second!. The Blackbird can split the air at 3200ft per second. Now, that is what we term as mind-boggling speed. At that, the blackbird can travel with this velocity for a non-stop 19 minutes. That is roughly twice the distance between Las Vegas and California! So, you take a 20-minute shower in California and I go to Las Vegas, AND RETURN!

Rate speed of 0.91km per second

The Sonic Boom

Yes, you guessed that right. The sonic boom is what you get to hear when the Black bird sets flight into the unknown, leaving behind a trail of fire for all to behold. Even if you watch the sailing SR-71 from the ground, it appears to be leaping across the sky.

Heat of Friction

As one would imagine, with the speed that the Blackbird travels, the friction generates enough heat to have all eggs boiling at a time. So you would not find stuff like plastics, rubbers and paint in the plane. All material that the plane is built of, will be extremely tolerant of the heat produced in the process. The faster the plane travels, the tougher the heat gets. Consequently, the Blackbird is titanium from head to heel.

The Elite Fraternity

So who gets to lay a hand on the super steering of the Blackbird? Not all, definitely not all. Over the past 30 years that of service, some supremely qualified 150 fighter pilots have found seat in the cockpit of the Blackbird. Flat 36 hours are poured into preparing both the pilot and the Blackbird for the flight.

Aside the physical fitness level, an important pre-requisite for flying the Blackbird – is maturity. All officials that qualify to fly the plane must be married!

A Two-Man Job

Two pilots must be present inside the SR-71 ever time it sets out for flight. The highest level of human intelligence is required to control the most sophisticated intelligence system ever built, inside a machine that is travelling faster than a bullet.

The most exhilarating part about the flight is that the launch consumes so much fuel that the plane takes off with a nearly empty fuel tank. The way in which it is filled in the mid of air with the help of another plane, is in itself a wonder.

And here’s the Video


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