The Most Destructive Weapon on Earth

Tsar: The Most Destructive Weapon on Earth

Even after about five thousand years of civilization, the tragic relationship between humanity and destruction and violence continues unhindered. If the focus on the first half of this century was on sheer destructive power with the likes of the atom bomb and its eventual successor the hydrogen bomb, the later half of the century saw the pivot turn towards Chemical and Biological weapons. Some argued that due to their non-destructive nature from the point of view of material structures made them more effective in times of all out war. You could easily take over cities in mint condition devoid of human life. Non-destructive logic indeed!

The Legend of Tsar Bomba

If one is to go by Wikipedia the, Tsar Bomba produced by the erstwhile Soviet Union having the yield of no less than fifty megatons happens to be the most destructive weapon as is to be found in this planet. Officially the only one of its kind ever built, it was put to test on the thirtieth of October back in 1961. The has the unenviable distinction of being the artificial explosion with the most power ever as recorded in human history.

Death by Any Other Name is Just As Painful

As is common practice in martial conventions the bomb had many other titles associated with it in military parlance across the world. Tsar Bomba was, in fact a nickname for the hydrogen bomb designated as AN602.It is said that the test was designated as “JOE 111” by the CIA. The device was tested in Novaya archipelago located at Sukhoy Nos.

“JOE 111” is Destructive

The odd fifty to fifty-eight megatons of Tsar Bomba’s yield were 1350 to 1570 times more powerful than the combined power of the bombs which ruined Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Bomba alone has the destructive power ten times more than the combined strength of the conventional explosives put into use during World War II. Not only that the AN602 accounts for almost ten percent of the yield of all nuclear tests till date, combined.

How Did They Test That


A heavily modified Tu-95V piloted by Andrei Durnovtsev was put into use for releasing the bomb. Accompanying it was an observer Tu-16 which had the task of filming the test and taking air samples. The Tsar Bomba was nothing less than a beast weighing 27 metric tons and had dimensions of eight meters in length and two meters in diameter. As a matter of fact, the carrying bomber had to have its fuselage tanks and bomb bay doors removed. It might also be of interest that Tsar Bomba was attached to a parachute that weighed a whopping eight hundred kilograms.

All In All

Tsar Bomba is rather a prototype of what could be done rather than what can be done. It is an impractically powerful and potent weapon of mass destruction. Its weight and size go a long way in making it impractical. It not only limits the range and speed of the bomber due to the required customization but also renders it unusable in present day intercontinental ballistic missiles.

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