The Top 10 Most Precious Metals on Earth

When we talk about precious metals, gold and silver immediately come to mind. After all, they are the most commonly used precious metals out there. Note that this list is all about “Metals” and not elements like gas (hydrogen, oxygen etc).

However, when it comes to taking a look at some of the most precious metals ever found on earth, things aren’t ranked according to their popularity. There are several other factors instead, which decide exactly how precious a particular metal is. Such factors usually involve things like being naturally available, attractive, having a high melting point, and so on.

With that said, let us now take a look at what seem to be the 10 most precious metals on earth.

#1 Platinum (Pt)

Platinum Nugget

Platinum is probably one of the rarest metals on earth. Precisely speaking, it’s 15 times scarcer than gold, which is saying something, given that gold itself isn’t found in larger quantities in many places.

Its name is derived from a Spanish word “platina”, which means something like silver or little silver. Its name obviously goes well with its look, which is shiny and silver-like.

It’s particularly known for some of its great qualities such as density, malleability, and being resistant to corrosion. As far as its uses are concerned, jewelry seems to be topping the list, thanks to the attractiveness it comes with. Other industries such as aeronautics, weaponry as well as dentistry seem to be the top users of this rather highly precious metal.

#2 Gold (Au)

Gold Nugget (Au)
Gold Nugget (Au)

Doesn’t even need a description, does it? From what seems like a never-ending time period, gold has been a favorite precious metal of people throughout the world.

Despite its numerous qualities such as being durable, malleable, reflective, and so on, it’s actually being its attractiveness that helps it be as popular as it is today. Coming to its uses, it’s widely used for making ornaments which people love to wear, especially in the Asian countries. Its other global uses, however, include being used in electrical and industrial applications.

Another interesting thing about gold is that it has been a precious metal since a pretty long time, making it one of the biggest investment options worldwide.


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