The Top 10 Most Precious Metals on Earth

#3 Rhodium (Rh)

Rhodium, being an extremely rare metal, is usually sold at prices more than double that of gold and sometimes even platinum. However, it also seems that its price fluctuates quite a bit. Despite this, however, this shiny, silvery metal, being popularly known for its reflective properties and exceptional ability to deal with corrosion, manages to be one of the most precious metals on earth.

It’s usually found in larger quantities in countries like South Africa, Canada, Russia, and several others.

As far as its uses are concerned, the automotive and some other industries need it the most. Besides this, it also finds itself a lot of uses in the production of things such as search lights, mirrors, jewelry, and so on.

#4 Ruthenium (Ru)

Ruthenium (Ru)
Ruthenium (Ru) – Wikipedia

Ruthenium is another popular member of the platinum family. Naturally, it also manages to boast of several similar qualities as platinum and other such metals, such as being attractive, hard, resistive to corrosion, and so on. Also, just like almost all the members of the platinum family, ruthenium too is quite rare, and hence, expensive.

It’s particularly used in the electrical industries, especially for plating electric contacts that seem to be quite an important job to be taken care of in the industry.


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