The Top 10 Most Precious Metals on Earth

#7 Palladium (Pd)

Palladium (pd)
Palladium (pd)

This particular metal is another one that’s priced high due to being very rare. However, it’s still used by quite a few industries, as it also comes with a lot of impressive properties. Some of them are:

  • Heat stable
  • Ability to absorb hydrogen at room temperature
  • Malleable
  • And so on

Its qualities make it a perfect match for the automobile industry, who needs something similar to keep the emission levels of their cars under check anyway. However, the electrical industry is another one that uses it to a significant extent, but obviously for a different purpose, which is usually in the production of multilayer ceramic capacitors.

#8 Rhenium (Re)

Rhenium – (c)

Well, we have talked about a few precious metals with extremely high melting points. Rhenium, however, beats them all pretty easily on this front. After all, after carbon and tungsten, there’s no other metal on this planet that has a melting point higher than that of rhenium.

Being a by-product of copper mining, it’s commonly used for producing small parts used in jet engines, and so on.


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