Top 10 Alien Abduction Mysteries

We may be very close to establishing intelligent communication with aliens if we have not already done that. But there are more mysteries that support the alien encounter theory than we can possibly imagine. But we cannot verify all these alleged instances of alien encounter as true. Some of them seem truer and others appear to be sourced straight out of the movies. But none of them can be ignored. We are taking you through the ten most talked about mysteries of alien abduction. Make sure there’s no one under or behind your seat when you read through.

Top 10 Alien Abductions

10. Betty And Barney Hill

Alien Abdution

When Betty and Barney Hill were driving home from their Canada vacation, they had an unusual UFO experience. The couple was seated in a car when they saw a very bright object, which they first thought to a shooting star. But the disc-shaped object suddenly rushed towards them. The couple hurried back into the car and tried racing towards home. They passed out shortly after. Later, they could not remember what had transpired in those 2 hours. However, they recollected some of their ‘repressed memories‘ during hypnosis.

9. Politician Abducted

Alien Abdution

A Russian politician and governor of a state, Kirsan Llyumzhinov, was abducted by aliens in the 90’s. At least, this is what he claimed. The aliens allegedly visited him in his Moscow apartment. He clearly remembers the conversations that he had with the extra-terrestrials. In their revelation, the aliens told him that they will shortly contact the major leaders of the world. They also told him that they were not doing that right then because they (or we) were not ready. Kirsan Llyumzhinov said that he would not have believed the incident if three of his staff were not present in the apartment.

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