Top 10 Most Influential People in the World

Humanity is made by the masses. However, the world is driven not by the millions, but by those who lead the millions. History has witnessed several such men and women who have not only influenced the lives of people in their age, but continue do so even today. Included in the list, are among others, philosophers, humanitarian workers, politicians, religious pioneers, and scientists. These men or women with exceptional achievements have left enormous impacts on the lives of the generations that have followed. Here is a list of the ten most influential people in history.

List of Ten All-Time Influential People

1. Jesus Christ

jesus christ

Jesus Christ is the most influential person the world has ever seen. He is the founder of Christianity, a religion practiced in all corners (and curves) of the world. His life was a tale of sacrifice and his teachings inspired many a later sacrifice. Jesus Christ is also known to many as the Jesus of Nazareth. His influence on mankind can be weighed merely by the fact that the entire New Testament was based on his life. Christians believe that Jesus bled on the Cross to wash away their sins.

2. Prophet Mohammad

Prophet mohammad

Prophet Mohammad was one of the most influential people in history, just like Jesus Christ. We find the evidence in the vast multitude of people who practice Islam throughout the world. The books describe him as the true, only and last prophet to be sent on Earth by Allah. Aside being the founder of one of the most practiced religions of the world, Mohammad was also a great social reformist, philanthropist and military leader. Most Muslims believe that the angel Gabriel delivered the Quran to the Prophet, who passed it on to his many followers.

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