Top 10 Successful Deceptive Tricks Used in War

The most successful army generals would tell you that the ingenuity required for war is comparable to that needed in the game of chess. Having said, the debate on whether war is an art form continues to be the bone of contention between peace lovers and warmongers. While history is filled to the brim with stories of cruel battles fought by some of the most hostile warrior cultures, there have also been evidences where brains did more work than browns. Here are the top deceptive war tricks that actually worked.

10. The Fake Letter

Photo Credit: James Gordon

The story dates back to 1271 when the Mamluks were taking on the knights. The knights were stationed in a castle and were bent upon giving a tough fight to the Mamluks. As the Muslim army slowly encroached upon the castle, the Mamluks deserted it. Although ‘dethroned’, the knights were in no mood of surrendering. Defiantly devious that they were, the Mamluks cleverly faked a letter, which bore the pretense to have been sent by the knight commander. The knights bought the trick and surrendered. However, the move was not too bad as their lives were spared.

9. Counterfeit Canon


Quaker guns, as they were eventually named, will not win you any battles today. But they proved to be more than a handful, back in 1715 when Colonel Willaim Washington used the false canon to great effect. The defenders had taken 115 men captive and were threatening not to release them. In a witty heist, the colonel had a log painted like a canon and offered a counter-threat to open fire if the rebels did not surrender immediately. Interestingly, the move worked wonders for the colonel and the captives.

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