Top Ten Worst Dictators in History

The course of human history has been shaped by inspirational leadership. Incidentally, it has also been put out of shape by awful dictatorship. These are men who put who put human virtues to shame. Some of them were extremists, some war-lovers, and many others were absolutely bloodthirsty. The shame they put on humanity concluded into the most brutal genocides, the bloodiest wars, and worst policy reforms. Call it their political vendetta, racial intolerance or sheer moon-sickness, it is such shame to note that millions of people lost lives to please the will of selfish, coward men, they are much like from our previous list of worst children which eventually became worst dictators. Here are the top 10 worst dictators of all time.

Ten Worst Dictators

10. Yakubu Gowon

Worst Dictators

Yakubu Gowon is widely held responsible for the tension that occurred in the Niger delta. Back then, the eastern region was under the reins of Ojukwu. The rest of the country fell under the leadership of Yakubu. While there was a dummy agreement between the two leaders, it eventually turned out that neither of them took the ‘Aburi Accord’ seriously. Yakubu did the obvious by putting pressure in the eastern region. Ojukwu was already considered a man of short patience. He immediately declared the eastern region as the Republic of Biafra. The war resulted in the death of 100, 000 soldiers and an additional 1 million civilians died due to the blockade starvation.

9. Mengistu Haile Mariam

Worst Dictators

Mengistu Haile Mariam is regarded as one of the worst dictators from Africa. He was the president of Ethiopia and the colonel of the communist militia called “the Dreg”. Mengitsu inflicted systematic campaigns to kill all those who would rise against him. The campaign has been titled the Red Terror campaign. Many people believe that he got to power by throwing out the previous president Haile Selassie. The dictator spelled out death right in his introductory speech. In a grand display of power, he smashed three blood-filled bottles to the ground. In the following years, thousands of men were found dead upon the streets. Besides, the family was imposed with a tax for collecting the dead.

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