Water on Mars

Signs of Water on the Red Planet

Water on Mars
Water on Mars – Image credit dailymail.co.uk

Transient signs of water on red planet (though under selected conditions and brine in nature)! Apparently Mars being a cold, lifeless, arid planet, devoid of life is showing signs of water. Not as a flowing canal or pond but can accountably flow in sand or can dampen the surface a few inches deeper. Martian surface was claimed to have been wet and capable of having supported microbial life billion years ago. Presently abundant water has been witnessed beneath permanent Carbon Dioxide cap at the southern pole and in shallow sub-surfaces, conditioned to be at more moderate latitudes.

Mars was saturated and hot in nature, with less gravity, thinner atmosphere and smaller in size than Earth in size. Over time, evaporation took place leading to its major escape in space and lesser fallback towards the planet’s surface.

Detection of chemicals consisting of molecules that may have been liquid water has been confirmed by dark, seasonal streaks caused by seasonal flow of salty water. The obtained pictures look promising to scientists and are pushing them to look forward, deep into the possibilities of life on the neighborhood planet.

Jim Green, NASA’S planetary head stated that Mars turns out to be more humid than earlier beliefs and expectations. Various claims are being made about the discovery and presence of water. It can be a result of chemical reaction between salt and atmospheric water and appears seasonally on slopes heated by the sun.

Human on Mars

‘Human to Mars’ is quite an ambitious project for NASA, completely dependent on possible availability of liquid H2O. One would expect and wish for alien life having similar properties that we have on Earth. Eventually, discovering liquid water is a lot bigger deal by many perspectives.

Recently, worldwide release of movie The Martian boosts up the audience expectations and masses look towards the scientific efforts and zeal to discover and ensure the possibility of life and liquid H2O. Scientists are driven and leaded by famous astrobiological epithet “Follow the water”. Hence applause to the discovery and wishes for further promising results!!


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