Will the Earth Survive the Sun’s Death?

The solar system was formed post a lot of collision and destruction. When the solar system dies, these phenomena will be repeated. And like all other solar systems, our solar system will die when the central star of the solar system dies. And after everything you will ask what if there is no sun?

How will the Sun Die?

Sun's Death

Unless a giant black hole appears from nowhere, the sun’s death is predictable. The sun will die in the way most other stars die – by becoming a red giant. Over the course of time, the sun will run out of fuel. As the natural hydrogen combustion process inside the sun subsides, it will become what is popularly known as the red giant.

The red giant sun will lose mass and expand. In seven billion years, its size will be as large as the earth’s orbit.

How will Sun’s death affect the Earth?

The most convenient inference of the sun’s death could be that the sun would simply engulf the earth. So before the earth ends, it would possibly spend a fraction of a second inside the sun. Even before that, planets Mercury and Venus would have already become a part of the sun.

But could the earth survive the sun’s death? Let us review the odds.

What could be the way out?

Sun's Death

While the death of planets Mercury and Venus is scheduled with the sun’s death, the earth might just be able to escape the giant fireball. Scientists share agreement on the fact that the earth does have a chance to escape the sun’s red giant phase. This could be possible in two ways:

  • An expanding spiral orbit
  • Push from the solar winds
  • Ejection from the solar system

Likely orbital variations

One of the best ways for the earth to escape the sun’s death is the expanding orbital spiral. As the sun continues to lose mass in the form of ever pouring heat waves, the gravity it exerts on the planets is decreasing. At the time of the sun’s death, the red giant will lose mass more rampantly.

As the mass of the sun will decrease, its gravity will slowly start to die. With a lesser mass, the orbits of all planets will become larger. While Mercury and Venus will not have enough time to make use of larger orbits, the earth just might get lucky.

Solar wind push

Much before the sun’s death, the solar wind phenomenon will become huge. These scorching rays will evaporate all of the earth’s oceans. But the solar wind can also help expand the earth’s orbit. And the seas might not evaporate as soon as we think they will.

Survival chances are not so bleak

While the odds are not severely in our favour, the earth might actually survive the sun’s death. There have been unconfirmed reports of NASA trying to build another sun in the solar system. Jupiter could be the next sun. Long before the mighty solar winds affect the earth, we might actually be orbiting the Jupiter.

It was hope that sprouted life on earth. We can only hope that we will survive the sun’s death.

Joshua Kent

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