This Piece of Technology Revolutionized Camping Trips and the Environment!

You know what would be the best item to carry on your next camping trip? Ditch the iPhones and the iPods, get this artificial log if you really want your camping trip to become a memorable one. After all, this is perhaps the only electronic thing in your inventory which will at least contribute towards making your trip a good one!

And am not joking, see this piece of log also helps in preventing global warming too! How you ask? Well, with these logs now available, there would be no need to cut trees only for this purpose, so lesser the deforestation, more cleaner the environment becomes! And this makes sense right!

This video was originally uploaded by YouTube. Moreover, these logs that are made artificially are perhaps the best ones available in the industry too! The best part of this log is that it won’t burn out too fast! It lasts long as you will find it in this video!

It’s good to see that technology is now more focused in both keeping a sustainable environment and at the same time, fulfilling every man’s needs! These logs are made of compressed saw dust! And the moisture content is less than 9 percent in these logs which allows them to burn more. Usually logs have much more moisture which doesn’t allow them to burn brightly and instead reduce to ashes! Which is why (if you’ve noticed, we always use dried out logs or branches) whenever we go on a camping trip! These don’t throw sparks at all when you try to make them burn and instead produce 3 times more heat than a normal log would! And to top that these logs are a lot easier to burn so you don’t have to spend a lot of time!

Guys, share this video with your friends and make them a part of helping to clean the air. Thanks a lot for watching this video, we’ll keep on posting more videos that’ll amaze you as it has been always!

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