These Guys Built a Bridge in Just 15.5 hours! Video Included

We know anything constructive takes a lot of effort and time right? Even building a clay pot requires a lot of skill, effort and time isn’t it? Well then wonder how long would it require building a small bridge? Days? Maybe weeks? Now imagine if you had to first demolish the entire bridge completely and had to rebuild it from the beginning? How long would it take? At least weeks right?

Well, if you asked these guys in the video, they’d tell you an answer which would really make you think they’re crazy. They would say you “Sir, it would be done in 24 hours!!!”. You’d perhaps follow that with “Excuse me, are you F***ing crazy?”

Well, if you wouldn’t believe their word for it, you’d perhaps believe your own eyes when they literally do the construction work overnight and finish the bridge! Though it’s pretty funny that there isn’t any audio in this clip! Maybe it is so because since they showed this video in a speed which I think is more than 5 to 10 times the normal speed, the audio would sound pretty scratched up which is why they decided to junk it!

But let’s not get out of the point here! These guys had taken up the challenge of building the bridge within just 24 hours!

And they didn’t just finish the job on time! They finished it before their deadline! To be speaking accurately, they had the job done in just 15.5 hours. This job was taken up by the Highways Agency and its contractors (Armac, which was the demolition company, and Costain-Carrillion JV, who were the main contractor). These guys had closed the M1 motorway in Bedfordshire, and prepared it for the demolition of the old A5120 road bridge, built in 1959.

The work for demolition took place at 21:15 on the Saturday night (30 June 2012), with the hydraulic breakers making short work of the concrete and steel structure. The highway was completed 30 minutes before the deadline! Now how’s that for speed?

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