This Math Teacher has More to Him than Meets the Eye

We think we know a person when we have a look at them but what we don’t realize is that we can never judge a book by its cover! You can judge the taste of a fruit from the looks but then humans aren’t really fruits! Take this math teacher for example! His name is Jim O’ Connor from the St. Francis High School near Los Angeles.

Jim O’ Connor was an ex army soldier who has retired from the army. He doesn’t have any family, no kids, no wife but there’s something more to him which we shall find out. He seems to be a strict and hard type of person who takes no sissies for entertainment!

His students thought they knew everything there was about him. Turns out, they didn’t even know the half of it? How come? Let’s keep reading!

Ask his students and they’ll tell you he is one of those teachers whom they have tagged mentally “don’t mess with this guy”. If you believe them then he is supposed to torture you with calculus until you die. Surely he can’t be that bad, Can he? Well, when we asked Jim O’ Connor about this tag that his students have upon him, he simply replied “Well, School is not for fun, I wish it could be, but it’s not”.

And there, you too have been quick to form a judgment of him too!

But there was a strange matter though! Every time a student would say outside his school that they’re from St. Francis School of LA, everybody would ask about Jim! And also go as far of making statements such as “Isn’t he a wonderful guy?”

This surely had many students confused about their teacher!

So what was the mystery behind Jim? Why do everybody seems to hate him so much? And how come everyone outside know him? How come everybody outside St Francis thinks that he’s a great guy? Well, we shall find that out in this video.

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