13,000 year old “American” Girl Found with Unlikely Grave Mates!

This year experienced bizarre archaeological findings! It even included finding the remains of a ship wreck in the most unlikely of all places in earth! In the site of World Trade centre where the September 11th attacks took place in 2001! It is a site still under construction!

But then, perhaps this isn’t the hot news we were building upon. The earliest dated history references goes back during the times of the Alexander the Great, the ancient texts of Mahabharata too date back only about 5000 to 10,000 years before if its astronomical dating is correct. Now what if you could find some girl’s skeleton that dates back 13,000 years before? What if it could be found in a black hole?


Well, the black hole stuff seems to be bit far-fetched in terms of astronomy (no one can possibly get inside a black hole 13,000 years ago) but then, maybe it should be taken in a literal sense after all!

Latest findings have indicated a strange body at the bottom of an underwater cave called Hoyo Negro (Spanish for “Black Hole”) in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. When an expedition was conducted, the divers discovered a near-complete skeleton of a teenage girl. This seems to be an extra ordinary finding! Being known as “Naia” now, what made this finding extra ordinary is not the age of the girl’s skeleton but the fact that the girl was found alongside unlikely grave mates which included saber-toothed cats, pumas, sloths and bears. These animals aren’t considered to be human-friendly animals at all!

However, in spite of the odds of such events, researchers favor to think that Naia and the animal’s skeleton dates back to 12,000 years before, this matches with the time when the pit filled with water when the world’s glaciers started melting.

What is even more surprising is the fact that Naia seems to be an American since the DNA from Naia’s remains resembled modern Native American DNA.

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