Mystery revealed: Is There A Wormhole in the Center of our Universe!

Perhaps you’ve heard of the basic apple fall experiment of Sir Isaac Newton. You may know of gravity to be the reason of the apple falling on the earth. It is what pulls everything to earth right? Well, gravity is not as simple as that according to the leading scientists. If you were on a planet with high gravity, say 100 times more than that of earth, you would experience time also to be travelling at a different pace than what it were in earth.


Now the thing is, there are certain places in the universe with highly dense gravitational fields! These places are what we call as black holes. They get their name from the fact that they seem to be completely black because their gravitational field is so strong, that even light cannot escape its gravitational field! Practically, there is nothing in this universe that can outsmart it when it’s too close to it!

Now a wormhole is something entirely different! Wormholes are like a space portal! Kind of like a subway where there is a shortcut between two places in earth. The Wormhole is a shortcut for two places separated by a large magnitude of distance in space! Till now we considered black holes and wormholes to be a separate identity since they are caused by separate events! But now scientists are considering other things based on recent scientific findings!

A region in the Milky Way Galaxy’s core (the galaxy in which our earth resides) generates powerful radio-waves. This region named as Sagittarius A* is suspected to have a massive black hole residing in it! The mass of this black hole is about 4 million times more than the mass of our sun!


Now such black holes had also been found in various galaxies that are comparatively much more younger than our Milky Way. Now thinking logically, we understand that for a black hole to acquire such a huge amount of mass, we need a huge period of time. How is it possible then that these young galaxies have such intense black holes?

Scientists now think that super massive black holes are a result of these primordial wormholes! So is there a wormhole or a black hole in the centre of our galaxy?

Latest theories say that such kinds of wormhole which could mimic a black hole could have only been formed during the Big Bang!  This led to the universe exerting a mass millions of times our sun’s mass, this could explain why the centre of nearly every massive galaxy seems to have a black hole at its centre; now we realize that they may not be black holes at all, it could be gargantuan wormholes, linking disparate regions of space and time.

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