Top 4 Mysterious Ancient Cities on our Planet

Well, truth be spoken we know very less about ourselves and our past because some mysteries tend to be hidden too deep for us to unravel them. But in this article we’ll be disclosing 5 mysterious cities whose existence was unknown to many people for all these years!

Interestingly, studying these ancient cities will help you to know what you are. For example, the existence of coins in cities denotes that there was currency systems prelevant in that place meaning people valued money and also it could mean that trade and commerce existed which would possibly explain why you value money too! However the common thing about these cities is that they tend to be underwater for reasons I cannot possibly imagine! It could have been tsunamis or maybe storms! Though there are many theories why they went underwater, no one can say precisely the exact reason!

Yonaguni Jima

This is an island south west to Japan and ironically, this island is much too close to Taiwan that it is to Japan! Nobody cared about this island that much until 1986 when this island caught the world’s attention because a local diver discovered something that looked like remains of a sunken city. Till now we don’t know much about this underwater city and we don’t even know if it is manmade or not!

However, Masaaki Kimura, a marine geologist, argues that the structure is purely man made but Robert Schoch, a professor of science and mathematics has an entirely different opinion! What is even more interesting is that fact that the Japanese Government fails to recognize the site as man-made and hence does not assign a historical importance with this place but still studies are allowed to be conducted here. The city is believed to be destroyed because of a tsunami.

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