Mysteries that Remained Unsolved in 2014

Till now, there have been many mysteries that we have encountered this year but perhaps what is even more compelling is the fact that many of them have yet to be solved by us! The most interesting fact is that we don’t know where to begin and which road do we opt to solve these mysteries but nevertheless, now that 2014 is about to end, let us have a look at these mysteries that made even the best scientists of our planet scratch their head…

The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is perhaps the only place in the planet that has fascinated and yet made people scare of it since the 20th century. Many ships and aircrafts as well have been lost in this triangle and till now, nobody knows the exact reason why. There are many answers, but perhaps these are mere opinions instead of answers. The area of this triangle is about 1.5 million square miles and people blame magnetism for the fact that countless ships have been lost in this place. Since our navigation system mainly uses the compass which works on magnetism principles, people tend to think magnetism to be the reason but as our understanding of magnetism is not yet profound, we are unable to come up with any answers! Even rescue operations have failed in this area!

The Stonehenge

And then there is Stonehenge! While archaeologists believe this place to have been a pilgrimage destination for the pre historic people, how was this massive structure constructed without the aid of modern instruments is still baffling many of them. It was constructed more than 4000 years ago when the people of Neolithic age had decided to build this structure.

The Pyramids of Giza


The pyramids of Giza also remain a mystery in the matter of how they were built. The importance of Giza in the field of astronomy and Mechanical engineering also pose a mystery. These very massive rocks were impossible to have been pulled from large distances! Still, while much of the Giza pyramids have been understood, there are still many things to understand.

So, could we unravel these mysteries during 2015? Well, only time can tell us!

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