Was There Really an Ancient Nuclear War?

Often, the human race makes the mistake of assuming that there was none more powerful than him this entire time but he forgets that perhaps time if the most powerful of all entities in the universe. Some might argue gravity can bend time but then again, I wasn’t speaking in the literal sense. We tend to think that as time had progressed, we became more and more improved in every way! Be it science, technology, arts or business! And still during archaeological excavations, when we find remarkable evidences, we see that we couldn’t be any more wrong than we are already now!

I am talking about the possibility that perhaps we know so many things now because our ancestors already had known them. I know that sounds a bit ridiculous (surely stone age men didn’t know the meaning of E=mc^2) but then, before we jump quickly to conclusions, let us just consider the possibility.

Well, let us start with nuclear wars. Was it a recent finding or did our ancestors know it all along? Well let me tell you something, when Oppenheimer was asked about his opinion on whether such power being new to mankind or not, he said “in the modern times, yes”. This has a hidden meaning too! Read between the lines guys, “in modern times”. Did he want to say that nuclear wars were already fought? Did our ancestors somehow know how to create an explosion that is 100 times more powerful than a normal JDAM bomb? Well, read on…

Oppenheimer, Einstein and Carl Sagan had one thing in common: they treasured the Bhagavat Gita which is a Hindu religious text that defines how a man should live his life. In reality, it is a conversation between Lord Krishna and Arjuna (the expert archer). In the Mahabharata (Gita is a part of Mahabharata) it is said that during the war, an unexpected weapon was released from the skies, hurling towards the earth with the energy of the entire universe and then as it had an impact, a bright cloud of light whose intensity was as great as a thousand suns had been released! Men quickly turned to ashes and food and water in the surrounding became poisoned.

The exact words however are something like this:

a single projectile charged with all the power of the Universe. An incandescent column of smoke and flame As bright as the thousand suns rose in all its splendour…

“a perpendicular explosion with its billowing smoke clouds… the cloud of smoke rising after its first explosion formed into expanding round circles like the opening of giant parasols…

“it was an unknown weapon, an iron thunderbolt, a gigantic messenger of death, which reduced to ashes The entire race of the Vrishnis and the Andhakas. …The corpses were so burned as to be unrecognizable. The hair and nails fell out; Pottery broke without apparent cause, And the birds turned white. After a few hours All foodstuffs were infected… to escape from this fire, the soldiers threw themselves in streams to wash themselves and their equipment.”

“Dense arrows of flame, like a great shower, issued  forth, encompassing the enemy… A thick gloom swiftly settled upon the hosts. All points of the compass were lost in darkness.  Fierce wind began to blow upward, showering dust and gravel. Birds croaked madly… the very elements seemed disturbed.  The earth  shook,  scorched  by the terrible violent heat of this weapon. Elephants burst into flame and ran to and fro in a frenzy… over a vast area, other animals crumpled to the ground and died.  From all  points  of  the compass  the  arrows  of  flame  rained continuously and fiercely.”

Guys, doesn’t it sound like the description of a nuclear war? Doesn’t it sound as if there has actually been a nuclear war in the past? Well, if you’re not yet convinced, then read on… Now read how it is written about how Zeus won the battle against the titans:

“The hot vapor lapped around the Titans, of Gaea born, flame unspeakable rose bright to the upper air. The Flashing glare of the Thunder-Stone, its lightning, blinded their eyes-so strong it was. Astounding heat seized Chaos…It seemed as if Earth and wide Heaven above had come together, a mighty crash, as though Earth was hurled to ruin. Also were the winds brought rumbling, earthquake and dust storm, thunder and lightning.”

All of these references suggest that there has already been a nuclear war in the historic age.

When excavations were carried out in Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro sites, archaeologists had found skeletons that remarkably gave out radiation readings and these were nearly thousands of years old. These skeletons were very much similar to the skeletons found in Hiroshima and Nagasaki of Japan!

So guys, this all goes to say that perhaps there was indeed a nuclear war in the past, the details of which I shall post soon in World Mysteries Revealed!

Happy New Year guys!!


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