Magnetic Levitation is the Future of Technology- Watch Why

One of the coolest things about science is Quantum levitation and so far people used to think that they are nothing about another those product of science which is possible theoretically but impossible in reality. Sure you might have heard of Maglev trains but other than that isn’t this principle completely moot?

Surely this guy wouldn’t approve that!

Based on the principles of magnetic levitation / quantum levitation, he managed to make a superconducting material that manages to levitate above the ground. As a result the energy dissipation gets reduced a lot when you compare it with the energy dissipation caused by friction. Also the relative configuration of the material above the superconducting magnet stays the same at all point of time.

This means that even if you keep the material rotating about a certain axis above the magnet, it would keep rotating about that same axis for as long as it can rotate and never change the configuration of space. This principle is also known as quantum locking. This is why chances of derailment of a maglev train is very less

The amazing part of the video is the imitation of the train. He creates a track made of superconducting magnets and when he puts the white coin like material above it and pushes the magnet as if it were a train then it kept on revolving. The point to note is that it isn’t actually floating in the air and more appropriate it would be to say it is locked in the air because as long as the strength of both magnets remain the same, the material can neither increase its height above the track nor decrease.

It even works when you put the track upside down. Soon we’ll be having trains that are based on this principle alone. Magnetic levitation has tons of potential application in the field of technology and this principle has attracted the minds of many major scientists of the world.

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