Decoding Women – Basic Explaination

Who says women is not a part of World Mysteries? Surely they are. and I will help you uncover it. Women are sometimes hard to understand right and you might have even wondered why girls choose a guy with a car than the guy with the flower. Guys, don’t worry because I’m sure everything is going to be a lot clearer after reading this.

Okay, the main problem in this society and in our generation is that our brains have evolved much more than our body. Sounds silly right but guess what, it’s the fact! Imagine this: if you travel 2000 or 3000 years back, you’ll find that the whole society was based on two simple rules:

  1. The guy manages to gather the food, protect the females and raise their family.
  2. The woman chooses the man of her dreams and helps in the household work and often helps in management too.

Now you see these macho guys nowadays who act as bullies but are nothing more than a dickhead (I feel for you bro) and still the prettiest girls of your college flock around like them like puppies. This might seem confusing but it has a perfect explanation.

You see, thousands of years ago, there’s these guys who dominated the society (sucks, but fact!). Their macho bodies give the women a sense of protection and of course sex appeal. She needed this protection back then to protect her from other men; she was dependent upon the man to provide her food, clothing, accommodation and more and more personal necessities. Now the guys who would fit into this category would often be arrogant, forced his decisions upon the entire herd (no one dared to challenge them because of their big muscles! And frankly that sounds like bullying too). So women are now hardwired to guys with this attributes more than the just nice looking ones. The nerd simple guys would often have weak bodies (hence the humbleness) but some of them would really understand women much better than their bullying counterparts. Which is why, women often feel confused: should she opt for protection or should she choose a person whom she can communicate very well.

Now you can’t really blame girls to be thinking emotionally. Can you explain why you like cars over flowers? No, and that’s the same thing with girls too.

So while you may be the perfect guy who cares for her in each and every manner, chances are high that over a series of genetic coding, the feeling of being protected around a macho man becomes inherited and she can’t really help it. Men find beauty to be attractive because unconsciously, you always want your babies to have perfect genes and. Women on the other hand are attracted towards guys who can provide them protection, who enjoys a high social status so that her babies gets the best surrounding and facilities to grow. All of these are embedded in your subconscious mind and you never think about it just like you never think to pull back your arm when you touch something hot, it happens automatically!

Hope this helps you to understand women more, don’t worry, I’ll be back with more articles of such kind.

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