Top 10 – Most Disturbing Torture Devices of Ancient Times

Hanging? Nah

If you think the most disgusting form of punishment is to hang people or simply shoot them then think it through again. Once you see these images, you’ll realize that hanging and shooting people are perhaps the best ways among all. You’d start to wonder how the hell were such kind of punishment were implied upon people? It’s really disturbing to witness the dark side of the man that have come up with such torturing devices. While some of them aren’t designed to kill you and simply aggravate your pain, others are meant to ensure death doesn’t come to you soon. Before we begin, we’d like to warn you that some of these images are pretty disturbing.

1. The Tub

the Tub

The Tub – While this might not seem to be lethal in any way, the purpose for which it was used is pretty cruel. The person found guilty would be made to lie on the tub with just his head above the rim. His head would then be covered with honey and nuts, attracting honeybees and other birds. He’d be fed with food so that he’ll end up in his own shit which would further attract moths and worms, eventually leading to a derogatory death!

2. The Brazen Bull

the Brazen Bull

The Brazzen Bull – This ancient Greek way of torture is by far one of the worst I’ve seen where a bull would be made of brass and a man would be locked inside. The bull would then be set on fire which would eventually roast the man alive. Because its made of brass, the bull would eventually start to glow (at the same time when the man starts to become roasted). The man would scream in pain and the bull was designed in such a way that these screams would seem more like the Bulls roar.

3. The Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden

The Iron Maiden – One of the most cruel ways of torture, the Iron maiden is perhaps the only way by which a person would be humiliated and also interrogated by another and depending on the situation, the person could be either killed or made to face more pains. There would be spikes on every side of the structure and once inside it, a person could hardly move because of these spikes surrounded around him.

4. The Cement Shoes

Cement Shoes

The Cement Shoes – This isn’t an old way but is just a modification of the old one. People would tie your legs with chains which is again attached with a huge boulder. When they toss you over the sea, you’ll end up going straight down. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to break the chains but these African Mafias don’t want to take any chances, they’ll instead make your feet stuck inside a cement cylinder and when it solidifies, there’ll be no chance of you cracking it (your hands are made stuck in the cement too) and when they toss you in the water, you’ll end up drowning with no realistic way of breaking free. It isn’t that cruel but it doesn’t have any flaws either!

5. Impalement


Impalement – Just like the movie “Dracula Untold” this is Vlad most favorite way of executing someone. You get a tip-sharp pole and raise the victim using the sharp tip of course it will get through the human body. Pretty gross huh.

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