Top 10 Strange But Awesome Gadgets

Our lives are simplified by gadgets on a daily basis, from the morning wake up clocks to the dish washer used at the end of the day. Dependency on gadgets is questionable and we wonder if it is a healthy choice.  Depending on gadgets has become inevitable to improve productivity in a very challenging environment that is the 21st century. So we have successfully established that gadgets simplify our work and improve our lifestyle. In this process developers and manufacturers have developed some of the most bizarre gadgets that seem useless but are extremely helpful to the right person in a very creative manner. So let’s take a look at some of the strangest and yet awesome gadgets available in the market.

1. Blowfly Alarm Clock

Blowfly Alarm clock? What is that? A fly wakes me up every day? HAHA No thanks!!


Blowfly Alarm clock is a very unique piece of equipment that ensures- you wake up in the morning regardless of how sleepy you are. Once the alarm is set off, a blowfly flies around your room making weird and disturbing noises until you catch the device and set it off. This resembles the snitch in the Harry Potter series that require your complete attention to catch. This device might seem funny but believe me, it is extremely useful.

Blowfly Alarm Clock

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